Xiaomi and Ximalaya announce strategic partnership



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Shenzhen News (Shenzhen)—Xiaomi and Ximalaya FM today announced a strategic partnership to cooperate in areas including podcasts, smart hardware and others. They also launched the “Ximalaya X Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play” co-branded speaker. Users can easily listen go Xiamalya stations with their XiaoAI speakers. Both companies are exploring a podcast subscription service.

Once the partnership depends, Ximalaya will leverage on the Xiaomi AIoT ecosystem to distribute its content to Xiaomi users at home, in cars, and other application cases.

Ximalaya licenses its content to Xiaomi

The partnership brings the large amount of quality Ximalaya content to the sizeable Xiaomi user base. Ximalaya is making a large amount of content available to Xiaomi. Some popular family content include Peppa Pig, Ultraman, Super Wings, and Black Cat Detective. Other genres include entertainment, culture, and history. Radio drama of The Three-Body Problem, and Soul Lands and other exclusive content are also available on XiaoAI speakers.

Over a hundred million Xiaomi users enjoy Ximalaya content, with over 30 million Xiaomi users tuning in to Ximalaya podcasts each month. Ximalaya has existing partnership with Xiaomi’s XiaoAI speaker, Xiaomi Music, Xiaomi Radio, and other products. By providing Ximalaya accounts access to XiaoAi Speaker, playback progress across can sync across the whole XiaoAI produce range in realtime, allowing the devices to be synced across different usage applications. Users can access Ximalaya content easily from XiaoAI Speaker app, allowing them quick access to select their favourite content.

Market statistics indicate that the sale of XiaoAI Speakers exceeded 22 million units since its launch three years ago, and accumulated 31.9 billion wake commands. It ranked first for both revenue and sales volume for the first half of 2020. Besides controlling Xiaomi IoT devices, XiaoAI Speaker can also control close to 100 other IoT devices.

Virtual AI assistant XiaoAI has over 61.7 billion wake commands with over 78.4 million active users each month. There are 228 million activated XiaoAI devices so far. The Xiaomi AIoT platform leads the industry with over 289 million connected devices, excluding phones and laptops.

Ximalaya ponders Xiaomi subscription service to create a new AIoT experience

As the leading podcast platform in China, Ximalaya provides high quality content to its 600 million users. It has attracted over 10 million popular podcast creators, including Yu Qiuyu, Kang Zheng, Guo Degang, and Madong. Ximalaya has created a podcast ecosystem around audio content.

Ximalaya has a total traffic of 329 million as of October 2020. The company has remained steadfast in building a smart ecosystem, increasing its deployment in the automotive, smart home, smart speaker, wearables, and other hardware. Ximalaya’s goal is to become the pivotal system bridging smartphones with a wider range of convenient usage through its expansion in smart hardware.

With this partnership in place, Ximalaya will explore building long form audio content membership service with Xiaomi for XiaoAI Speaker. Xiaomi Youpin products cater to a wide range applications. Likewise, Xiamalaya content will reach Xiaomi users at home, in cars, and other application cases.

Using big data, Xiamalaya will improve the play-on-demand experience of XiaoAi Speaker, increasing the accuracy of XiaoAI’s on-demand audio content in different scenes, and thus allowing easy seamless switching between different devices.