English name: SMOORE
    Chinese name: 思摩尔

    Founded: 2009
    Founder: Steven Yang
    Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guandong
    Key people: Steven Yang
    Encyclopaedic information: None

    SMOORE International Holdings Co, Ltd is a Chinese e-cigarette brand with its corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the largest manufacturer of vaping devices and components in the world.

    Established as Shenzhen SMOORE Technology Limited in 2009, the company owns two major e-cigareette brands, including Vaporesso and FEELM.

  • RELX




    English name: RELX Technology
    Chinese name: 悦刻

    Founded: January 2018
    Founder: Kate Wang
    Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guandong
    Key people: Kate Wang
    Encyclopaedic information: Baidu Baike

    Shenzhen RELX Technology Co, Ltd is the owner of Chinese e-cigarette brand RELX with its corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the first unicorn e-cigarette brand in China with over 2,500 store across China.

  • Vaping firm RELX raises $1.4 billion in IPO


    Shenzhen News (Shenzhen)—Shenzhen e-cigarette maker RELX Technology Inc. has raised $1.4 billion in a US initial public offering, giving the company a market value of about $46 billion.

    The company, backed by Sequoia Capital China, sold 116.5 million shares for $12 apiece in its trading debut. Citigroup Inc and China Renaissance Holdings Ltd led the IPO that saw the share price jump 146%.

    RELX, founded in 2018, is China’s largest e-cigarette maker with 62.6% of the country’s market. The vaping industry has boomed in China despite increased regulations amid concerns about its potential health effects. Online sales of e-cigarettes is banned in China.

    The country is the world’s largest potential vaping market, with an estimated 286.7 million adult smokers in 2019. Despite this, vaping products have a 1.2% market penetration rate, compared to 32.4% in the US.

    Another Shenzhen-based e-cigarette company, Smoore International Holdings Ltd, listed in Hong Kong last year and has gained over 500% from its offer price.