MEG to purchase 2,000 custom BYD D1 electric cars



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Shenzhen News (Shenzhen)—Ideanomics announced its Mobile Energy Group (MEG) signing an agreement with Meihao Chuxing, the joint venture between BYD and Didi, to purchase 2,000 BYD D1 cars.

Didi Chuxing is deploying and promoting this ride hailing car in many cities across China. Users can hail this custom car from the Didi Chuxing app.

Ideanomics CEO Alf Poor said, “D1 is a model of electric ride hailing car that received a lot of design scrutiny. It combines the latest designs and technology to provide a great ride experience for both the driver and passenger. We are delighted to partner with Meihao Chuxing to promote the D1.”

He added, “With the support of practical government funding, the widespread adoption of electric cars in China proves the value of public and private partnership, and the scale of the global challenge. We hope to develop this type of partnerships and work with our rental and ride hailing clients to roll out more innovative car models like the D1.”

Meihao Chuxing (Hangzhou) Auto Technology Co, Ltd was established in 2019. BYD holds the controlling stake in the company. Lanched in November 2020, BYD D1 is the first electric ride hailing car jointly designed by BYD and Didi Chuxing. The car is equipped with L2 driver assistant system and is connected to the fleet management system. This system helps operators of large car fleets to track and optimise the operating conditions of their cars, provides realtime energy management, and comes with many other functions for safety and comfort. The D1 comes with the latest blade lithium ferrophosphate battery. It has a range of 418 km and a top speed of 130 km/h.