Innovative breakthrough: electric flying saucer in Shenzhen makes 15-minute flight



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ShenzhePress (Shenzhen) – In a groundbreaking moment for aviation technology, visitors in Shenzhen Talent Park witnessed the maiden flight of the world’s first electric flying saucer in Shenzhen last week.

Developed Shenzhen UFO Technology Co, Ltd entirely in Shenzhen, the electric flying saucer showcases a striking resemblance to iconic flying saucers often depicted in science fiction. With its unique design feature of a transparent hemisphere at the center, it offers occupants an unparalleled panoramic view of their surroundings.

15 minutes, 200 meters, 50 km/h

Setting new benchmarks in aerial performance, this remarkable aircraft boasts a flight duration of 15 minutes, a flight altitude capability of up to 200 meters, and a maximum horizontal flight speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Its advanced technology allows for seamless transitions between automatic and manual driving modes, providing pilots with enhanced control and adaptability.

One of the key features of this remarkable aircraft is its advanced safety measures. Equipped with a six-hole duct and a sophisticated configuration of 12 propeller motors, it achieves an unprecedented level of triple safety redundancy in power supply, power motor operation, and flight control. This innovative design ensures unparalleled reliability and mitigates potential risks, making it a safe and efficient mode of aerial transportation.

Notably, the electric flying saucer’s unique exterior characteristics enable it to effortlessly navigate both land and water surfaces. Its remarkable ability to take off and land seamlessly on water showcases its versatility and opens up possibilities for various applications, including search and rescue missions and amphibious operations.

The successful flight of the electric flying saucer marks a significant milestone in aviation technology. This groundbreaking achievement is the result of over three years of dedicated research and development by the highly skilled research and development team from Beihang University and Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Electric flying saucer in Shenzhen a sign of more UFO

While the current applications of the electric flying saucer primarily revolve around tourism and advertising, the possibilities for its future utilization are vast. As the technology continues to advance and more research is conducted, this remarkable aerial vehicle could find applications in transportation, surveillance, and even emergency services.

As we embrace the era of sustainable aviation, the electric flying saucer stands as a prime example of how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the way we travel and explore the skies. Its electric propulsion system significantly reduces carbon emissions, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aircraft.

Shenzhen continues to establish itself as a hub for technological advancements. The successful maiden flight of the electric flying saucer in Shenzhen represents a significant leap forward in the field of aviation and showcases the city’s commitment to technological innovation.

Shenzhen UFO Technology Co, Ltd is a company dedicated to the development of advanced aviation technology. With a focus on electric aircraft, they strive to push the boundaries of aerial transportation and redefine the future of aviation.