BYD creates the digital cockpit with DiLink app



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Shenzhen News (Shenzhen)—The 2020 BYD DiLink Annual Knowledge Sharing Extravaganza kicked off in Hangzhou by unveiling the BYD Auto app to partners of the DiLink ecosystem and BYD fans.

Partners from the BYD DiLink ecosystem unveiled apps that showcased smart lifestyle connecting people with their cars and community. These included Yunting app from China National Radio, KuGou music app, and Chejia Hulian driver’s app from China GPS that highlighted the unlimited capabilities of the DiLink smart network system.

BYD Auto app, a one-stop gathering place for BYD fans

Yang Dongsheng, Head of BYD’s product planning and new auto technology research lab, explained that BYD integrated all existing products in the ecosystem to provide users with a unified and continuous smart driving experience. By combining cloud services, BYD Club, BYD Mall and other platforms into a single entry point, the BYD Auto app consolidates all the functions and allows BYD to focus on the constant improvement of the features and services it provides.

The car’s usage is constantly expanding with the widespread use of new technology in the industry. It is no longer just a transportation tool. It is interactive and thoughtful, like a knowledgable and capable friend who plays an active role in enriching our lives, and provides endless surprises.

Zhao Changjiang, Manager of BYD Auto Sales, mentioned in his keynote that the next step for the BYD Auto app is to increase user loyalty, establish a user ecosystem, turn the platform into a community, and become a lifestyle through user engagement with the brand.

Liu Ke, Director of the Smart IoT Center in BYD’s product planning and new auto technology research lab, explained in his keynote, “The BYD Auto app is the one-stop gathering place for BYD fans, and also the handy assistant that provides 24/7 service for car owners. As a smart connection app, its core features revolve around being smart. We developed several features concurrently, including high temperature disinfection, smartphone OTA upgrades, and remote skin swap.”

BYD DiLink turns cars into smart terminals

The auto industry is undergoing disruption. Electric cars and smart connectivity were bright spots amid a gloomy 2020 economy in both the consumer and capital markets. Yang pointed out in his keynote that BYD predicts that 2021 will see the real breakthrough of electric cars, and the development of smart connectivity will become the second “engine” of electric cars.

With the application of technology such as internet connectivity, AI, cloud computing and big data, cars are developing into travel service companions that are able “to hear, to see, to think, to express, and to execute.”

“BYD DiLink creates a digital cockpit and extends the depth and duration of car usage for car owners. By connecting people and car beyond the car, it increases usage value and convenience, transforming cars into smart terminals. In other words, BYD DiLink redefines the car and auto lifestyle, giving car owners the freedom to play with their cars,” Yang said.

As the leader in smart connectivity, BYD DiLink bridges the constant change in industry development with user needs. In a traditional cockpit, each sub-systems and modules of the car is an “island unto itself.” With the user’s needs as a foundation, the BYD DiLink digital cockpit overcomes the bottleneck of traditional structures and moves towards multiple screen connection and engagement.

BYD DiLink builds a thriving ecosystem with partners

Since its launch in 2018, the open smart framework of BYD DiLink has seen constant upgrades and evolution, providing BYD car owners with greater convenience and a more diverse service and usage experience.

At this year’s Extravaganza, the launch of the BYD Auto app with KuGou music app, Midea IoT, YunTing app, and other applications provided a comprehensive coverage for car lovers, music lovers, lifestyle lovers, information lovers and other interest subsets among BYD users. BYD fans can find their ideal usage environment in their everyday auto lifestyle for a more convenience and richer auto experience.

YunTing app by the China National Radio is a distribution platform that aggregates high quality audio. It can be considered the “national team” in the audio scene. YunTing app is available in the BYD app marketplace. YunTing app stay updated with content catering to different types of BYD car models to provide the best audio experience.

From the consumer’s perspective, the car-home connectivity created by BYD and Midea provides fundamental control functions. For example, when drivers reach home, their home environment is prepared to welcome them back.

From a long term perspective, car-home connectivity will continue towards creating greater convenience and intelligence. BYD and Midea are reported to be working on more in-depth use cases to provide the best user experience, such as increasing the connection to more types of home appliances, and triggering the scenes at a range of 3 km.